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Package jmt.measurement

Provides support for measurement.


Interface Summary
MeasurementMethod Describes a method able to measure objects.
MeasurementMethodSet Describes a 'static' bunch of measurement methods and is mainly used to measure a set of methods with constant method indexes.
MeasurementResult Describes a measurement result.
MeasurementResultSet Describes a set of measurement results.
RankingPoint Describes a point used by rank strategies.
RankingStrategy Describes a strategy to rank measurement values.

Class Summary
AbstractMeasurementMethod Convenience abstract implementation of the MeasurementMethod to be subclassed.
MeasurementFactory A static factory providing method to create instances of the MethodSet, Result and ResultSet types.
RankingStrategyFactory A static factory providing methods to create diffrent types of ranking strategies and the rank points to describe rank curves.
ViewRankingStrategyApplet The ViewRankingStrategyApplet allows displaying the function created by the used RankingStrategy.

Package jmt.measurement Description

Provides support for measurement.

The package contains types falling in two areas. One area is the measurement by calculating a result and the second area is ranking the result of a measurement by using a ranking strategy.

The measurement's core type is the MeasurementMethod. A measurement method calculates the result and also ranks it by using a RankingStrategy. The result and the rank are represented by a MeasurementResult instance. There are also types and implementations for grouping results and methods available. Instances of most types may created by the MeasurmentFactory.

A ranking strategy is described by the RankingStrategy type. There are diffrent ranking strategies available by the RankingStrategyFactory

See Also:
MeasurementMethod, MeasurementResult, MeasurementFactory, RankingStrategy, RankingStrategyFactory