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jmt.application Provides a command-line application to analyse and measure classes and interfaces and presenting the results using swing visuals.
jmt.application.elements Provides support for representing various jmt.codebase types and groups them up with given measurement results.
jmt.application.measurement Provides implementation of measurement methods used to analyse jmt.codebase objects.
jmt.application.views Provides support for displaying analysed jmt.codebase objects and the assosiated measurement results.
jmt.application.xml Provides support for reading a xml-stream resource and handling DOM-documents.
jmt.codebase Provides support for representing classes and class elements and analysing *.java and *.class stream resources.
jmt.codebase.bytesource Provides implementation for reading and analysing *.class resources.
jmt.codebase.io Provides support for representing and describing resources.
jmt.codebase.javasource Provides implementation for reading and analysing *.java resources.
jmt.codebase.javasource.javacc Provides support to validate and parse a java source.
jmt.measurement Provides support for measurement.